EZ X Harness is a new company located in Mammoth Lakes, California.  We are Patented on a Revolutionary and Innovative style of Dog Harness. Our story follows below.

In early 2006, the Vizsla puppy we were so eagerly waiting for was ready to come home.  She was beautiful, a little bundle of red velvet full of love, puppy kisses and an infinite amount of joy.  She was our first puppy and we wanted to be the best parents we could be.  We read all the books we could find on her breed, training, etc.  We worked with a professional trainer her first year and she excelled.  She did and does, however, Like To Lead.  Walking our 50 pound energetic little girl 2 to 3 times a day can get to be a “Real Drag” if you know what we mean.  We tried the different head halters and she either got out of them or didn’t want to go out.  We tried a choke chain and she choked.  We tried several harnesses but nothing really solved the problem.  Then a few years ago my husband had knee surgery and I was the one doing the walking.  I noticed a couple of things that limited her pulling and after trial and retrial the EZ X Harness was born.  We Love it- She loves it and not only is it comfortable for her but it is super easy to put on, take off and provides Great Control.

This is not a Step In harness.  The fixed placement of the cross strap across the chest proved to be the single most compelling feature.  This exerts precise pressure and control without causing any Choking, Chafing or discomfort of any kind when fitted properly. 

With many of our harnesses now in use, we have had nothing but positive feedback and are now excited about sharing the EZ X Harness with you!

Mission Statement
We at EZ X believe that the Special Bond between Dogs & Humans is a circular one, and to that end, we donate a portion of our proceeds each year to worthy causes related to Dogs helping People and People helping Dogs!! 
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